For most of my life I’ve been two things: “curvy” and “a bitch”. What this really means is that guys are prone to objectify and sexualize me, and that they get really mad when my big mouth undermines their fantasy. These labels have made it difficult to have a conversation, because in the first instance I’m assumed to be an idiot and in the second instance I’m assumed to be the enemy. So I figured that if I have to be “a curvy bitch”, I’d rebrand myself as The Pin-up Philosopher.

Beneath the surface, I’m a lawyer with a background in religious ethics and a particular interest in global social justice. I like to sleep in the sand under the stars in remote places around the world, having risky adventures and meeting people with drastically different life experiences than my own. I get through the hard times with a sense of humour and a sense of irony, but more importantly: wine, ice cream, anti-depressants, and professional sports.

This blog will tell the story of what I’ve seen and learned in the course of my adventures, academic and otherwise.


The Pin-up Philosopher
*Standard disclaimer: I take sole responsibility for the opinions expressed on this blog, and they by no means represent those of my clients, employers, or associates.
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  1. Your blog is PHENOMENAL and puts mine to shame. I wish I was this creative because I absolutely love everything you’ve posted and the idea behind it is unbelievable. Huge, huge fan!

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