Taking Stock

IMG_7339I believe it’s important to take stock. I take inventories of my shoes and my dresses and my makeup and my bar, but most importantly I think it’s important to take stock of our lives: our values, our experiences, our people, and the things for which we are grateful.

It’s been a really remarkable year for me. I started the winter and spring living a really unhealthy lifestyle, then I spent the spring and summer travelling across Canada and to the diametrically opposite end of the earth, then I spent the summer and fall having an extended existential crisis, and since the end of fall I am healthier and happier and with a stronger sense of self and purpose than ever before.

And I have so many people to thank for being there when times were hard, and for making it possible to live my dreams, and for being patient when I was lost, and for supporting me when I decided what I wanted.

First and foremost: my incredible husband. He does the little things like all of our dishes and laundry, the big things like investing his own money in supporting my ventures and adventures, and the everyday things like believing in me when I don’t believe in myself. He knows me better than anyone else on earth, which makes it all the more remarkable that he willing to support me like he does.

Second: my family. The people who have encouraged me to be myself even when I was a very mouthy and emotional kid with a cane, and who have showed so much faith in my potential even when I lost all faith in my own ambitions. I don’t know how many people have the benefit of both knowing that their family loves them for exactly who they are but who are also motivated by wanting to be everything that their family believes they can be.

And last but certainly not least: all of you. I’m so grateful that you’re all willing to listen to my thoughts, share your own, and send little messages of encouragement because you know that behind the surface confidence is an insecurity that threatens to tear it all down.

And I do still have a daily crisis of faith, but I’m excited to wake up every morning and sometimes I’m so excited for everything I have planned that I can’t even fall asleep. I have no idea what the next year has in store for me, but I’ve never been more excited about an upcoming year. Mostly, I’m excited that we’ll continue to build a community and a conversation here.

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