Romantic Friendship

universeA love that cannot be truly fulfilled can be both painful and beautiful, destructive and instructive, and it can simultaneously make us feel full to the point of bursting and painfully empty.

We would give them the universe, and yet it will never feel like enough.

My mother recently brought the following quote from Sir Thomas Browne’s Religio Medici (“The Religion of a Physician”) to my attention, which expresses the duality and tension of romantic friendship beautifully:

“I love my friend before myself, and yet methinks I do not love him enough: some few months hence my multiplied affection will make me believe I have not loved him at all. When I am [apart] from him, I am dead till I be with him; when I am with him, I am not satisfied but would still be nearer him. United souls are not satisfied with embraces, but desire to be truly each other; which being impossible, their desires are infinite, and must proceed without a possibility of satisfaction.”
[source: brainpickings]


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